This one is for the Unsung in my life

There are people in our lives that want only the best for you. They will do whatever they can, whenever they can even when it is obvious that the only benefit for themselves is that they are helping some one they love and respect. They never ask for anything in return except you do the best that you CAN do. So to the Unsung in my life (you know who you are – because you wish to remain anonymous) I say THANK YOU to all of you for the  love and support and know that it does not go unnoticed:-}

Who are your Unsung?

17 thoughts on “This one is for the Unsung in my life”

  1. That’s really nice Tammy! I’m sure the unsung people in your life really appreciate the appreciation you have for them too!!…I have many unsung people in my life too, but I try to sing about them every chance I get!!! :-) Too much goes unsaid in the world. Us poets have to make sure things are noticed and felt! Very nice post! :-)

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