In her series “Hidden Women,” storyteller/actor Tammy Denease, introduces us into the world of fascinating women who have been hidden throughout history. The inspirational women that Tammy Denease portray are an integral part of American History!

collage_home_page_Venture with Tammy Denease from the cotton fields of Texas into aviation history in Paris France as Bessie Coleman becomes the Worlds’s First Internationally Licensed Female Pilot.

Live the life of Elizabeth Keckly, an enslaved woman, struggling to purchase her freedom as well as her body to become confidante to the First Lady at Lincoln’s White House.

Learn about the mother of civil rights, Elizabeth “MumBet” Freeman. MumBet would be the voice for those who could not speak. And she would stand for those who could not stand for themselves. She would be the first enslaved person to sue for and win her freedom in the newly formed United States.

Sarah Margu would become the first African to graduate college in the United States, but not before her voyage through the Middle Passage aboard La Amistad.

Clo Pratt will take you through the Colonies during the Revolutionary War. As she unfolds the history of Washington’s historic meeting with Rochambeau at the Webb House, she will introduce you to other important historical figures of the time.

Before she was Belinda Royall, she was Belinda the African! Being denied the basic education of reading and writing would not stop Belinda from seeking what was hers — Reparations!

In her oral tradition presentation Tammy Denease engages her audience through folk tales that teach life lessons and are coupled with hands on activities that leave her audience educated and eager to learn more!

As an “edutainer” Tammy Denease goes beyond entertaining, she educates her audiences!



Grants are available for Historical Firsts Performances!


Tammy Denease is a NEFA Artist.
Non Profit organizations throughout New England CG_LOGO_ORG_LG(except Connecticut) can apply for grants that will help pay up to 50% of fees to host Tammy Denease. Click on Logo for more information about grants and application deadlines or visit https://www.creativeground.org/get-involved

Fee support for Tammy Denease may be available to nonprofit organizations through the New England States Touring (NEST) program of the New England Foundation for the Arts. Visit www.nefa.org for more information.

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