Hidden Women


Hidden Women, LLC helps historical sites tell the full and inclusive stories of the past, ensuring

all people’s narratives are represented and celebrated. Owner, and Executive Artistic Director,

Tammy Denease, is an accomplished Historian, Artist, and Storyteller passionate about

amplifying the voices of those who have been overlooked by history.


As your Historian Partner, Tammy’s historical interpretation consultations include helping

historical sites interpret their stories, and she assists with connecting sites with visitors. Her

services include helping sites increase the accessibility and inclusivity of their collections and

highlighting the contributions of previously forgotten individuals and groups. Tammy works with

organizations to uncover and share the stories of hidden historical figures whose contributions

have been ignored by history’s narratives. She also assists with implementing diversity, equity,

and inclusion (DEI) practices with historical interpretations of their stories.


Tammy is a Historical Consultant, supporting libraries, schools, theaters, historical sites, and

corporations across the country. She is also a Museum Educator and Historical Tour Guide, and

she brings history to life through her captivating and thought-provoking stories of colonial

history, health, medicine, from enslavement to freedom, and Indigenous People. She is dedicated

to educating and inspiring organizations to appreciate and value the stories and contributions of

all historical figures. 


Unlock the hidden stories behind your organization’s historical artifacts and belongings. Partner

with Hidden Women, LLC, to improve the inclusivity and accuracy of your historical

interpretation. Contact us now to get started.


Tammy is a Certified Interpretive Guide by the National Association of Interpretations (NAI).

Tammy is a traveling NEST (New England States Touring) Artist through New England

Foundation for the Arts (NEFA). She holds a Business Management Certification from the

University of Hartford, is a Certified DEI Facilitator, and is a Certified Loctician. Tammy is also

the Outreach Director for the Connecticut Freedom Trail and the President/Owner of the Hidden

Women Stage Company. Tammy serves on the Governance and Awards Committee for the

Connecticut League of History Organizations.

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