Hidden Women

Bessie Coleman – The World’s First Internationally Licensed Pilot

On this date in 1892, The woman who dared to dream was born. Ms. Bessie Coleman was one of 13 children born in Atlanta, TX. She grew up during the Jim Crow era. This was a time when being Black could cost you your life. This was a time when Black folk were to do the bidding of the White man. There was no time for dreaming only time for picking cotton!

Bessie refused to allow anyone or anything, including herself to stop her from being who she wanted to be! Although she had 2 strikes against her, being of mixed blood (Cherokee and Black) and a woman, she believed in herself when others stopped believing.

I bring Ms. Coleman to life as a way to encourage our young people today. Although our youth of today have challenges, the challenges of today cannot compare to those of yesterday! When Bessie’s story is told it motivates our young ones to DREAM. This is a story worth telling and hearing!

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