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Making up History – What are your thoughts?

There is a growing trend regarding this country’s history. It is becoming the norm to tell history the way it did NOT happen! It is also becoming the norm to take accurate literature and change/replace offensive words. Thereby changing history.

As an African American Woman who was born and reared in Mississippi, 

you know where cotton was king and old Jim Crow ruled from beneath white 

sheets. Where the word “nigger” was as common as the sun rising and 


My husband and I are children of the 60’s. Just four years separate us 

in age. Yet on his birth certificate he is considered a “Negro” and I am

considered “Colored” all the while still being addressed as “nigger”. 

I say this to emphasize the point that I know all to well what being 

called a nigger means and what it feels like.

With this being said I am very much offended that history is being made 

up. It is offensive to me that there are those who feel the need to be

comforted by pretending that this country’s history is less than 

stellar. It is offensive to me that there are educators/guides and their

respective establishments who feel the need to pacify their visitors. Or 

that our educational system feel the need to censor well documented

accurate literature.

As a storyteller/performer and educator, I do not feel the need to leave 

“nigger” or “ofay” out of my performances. If history is to be known, it

is to be told as it really happened regardless of who will be offended. 

I do not say this to shock or offend but as a passionate lover of 

history (good, bad or indifferent). I feel history must be told 

correctly or we will never learn from it. If you are offended by what 

you hear or read, ask “Why does this offend me?”

It is important to not only have discussions about things that make us uncomfortable but to learn from them as well!

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