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Oral Traditions: Life Lessons

Oral tradition is the way a native people continue to keep their heritage alive. Whether these stories are told through the eyes of animals or through first person narrative, oral tradition can and will teach us life lessons.

While growing up in Mississippi, I was surrounded by this tradition. I would hear the stories of my powerful ancestors, who although enslaved were an intelligent, strong, proud people. Although taken from what was most familiar (loving families, homes, friends) they learned to adopt to their new, strange and yet hostile surroundings and make it their own. Through this struggle of adopting to a new way of life, they continue to pass along the gift of love, togetherness and determination to their descendants. Teaching them to hold their heads high through adversity. Teaching them to accept victory with grace and to never forget where they came from.

I am proud to belong to a people of yesteryear and yet they continue to live through me and my stories.

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